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Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday: Dog Days

Dog Days of Summer? Don't know about that or even what it means, but as it hit 99 degrees (yes, I know we use Celius, but this looks higher) yesterday many of us felt like the pooch in the photo. Now please don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining since I remember January, but 99 (or 37) is almost oven hot.

I rarely use my a/c, preferring to open the roof and windows, but Thursday was so hot that sitting in traffic absolutely required a little chillin' breeze. This brings me to today's blog topic. As I was sitting at a light yesterday, there was a Bimmer convertible behind me with the top down (no doubt the a/c was on full blast). Seeing 37 on my dash, I new that the driver had to be absolutely cooking, the fact that his hair was smoking notwithstanding. Looked like an idiot to me.

Nothing beats a convertible for looking cool, but when I've rented one in Florida, I only put the top down at night. On many Summer days, Toronto is like Florida and the heat/sun mix precludes lowering the top any time around mid day.

Imagine crusing in this vintage Caddy during the twilight hours  -  nothing better. Or how about this beauty (the car, of course).......

I'm originally from the east coast and had a convertible as a child (well, late teens) and during those Summers, one could put the top down at anytime due to the moderate temperatures, one might even say cool temps. Good place for a drop top, but maybe not since their Summers are short and possibly nasty.

Here's a typical old convert pic.........notice once again how everyone put on their finest formal wear for a outing. Wonder what they are celebrating? Can't be that they bought a Studebaker Lark instead of a snazzy Impala, Galaxie or Fury.

Any way, convertibles can be fun, but on a day like yesterday, keep the top up and blow cool.

Until next time........

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