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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday: "Test" Drive

Hope you had a great long weekend. I flew down east to New Brunswick  -  actually "up", but don't blame me as it's always phrased like this  -  for a family reunion. That's another story, but this is about my car rental.

Rented a Maxima in a burgundy with black leather/red piping  -  surprised it was a rental choice. Very nice car, looked great as do all new Maximas and had tons of room for your 6'5" blogger. Got lots of comments on the looks from my relatives (obviously good taste is a Thomas Family trait). Would I ever buy/lease one for myself after driving this one? Not a chance. Surprisingly, just not my type of car.

I was surprised that it wasn't a "sport sedan" as Maximas have been in the past. The steering lacked feel, sort of like a Camry (now that's an insult). Also the suspension seemed soft. Now I'm not a nut behind the wheel (at least I don't think I am), but more than once I went into a corner a touch too hot and had to back off or brake. These corners would not have been an issue for my Acura TL SH-AWD and I guess I was expecting something similar. When I drove it more sedately, it didn't disappoint, but still it was a surprise.

The CVT transmission also made itself felt. I was always aware that it was there  -  sometimes it seemed to be hunting for a gear and at other times it seemed like I was in low. I don't believe trans are supposed to be that noticeable.

This pic is of the first Maxima that came out in the early '80's........

Now this is going back a long ways, but if I remember correctly, it was supposed to be a 4 door Z car. I always thought that it maintained that reputation thru it's various restyles and updates  -  obviously not. One of my young suppliers (in another business) had one and I commented that his family probably didn't know it was a hot rod in disguise.

For my money, I'd step up to a G37x. I looked at one before getting my TL  -  just didn't have enough driver legroom (but what a motor!). Maybe next redesign.

Now more about that family reunion........just kidding.

Until next time.........

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  1. My aunt had that first generation Maxima - hers was two-tone (waahhhhh).

    The most memorable feature was the voice: "The door is ajar *bing* the door is ajar *bing* the door..."