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Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday: What Happened to..........

What ever happened to the big family wagon like this '64 Mercury Colony Park (love the name)......

Funny that with all that interior space, the guy in the suit (yes, they dressed up to go on a trip in the '60's) looks like he's putting stuff on the roof. Maybe they are moving and the furniture is in the back?

Or how about this barge from 1959........

Actually, I always liked station wagons. They carried all one ever needed and they rode like a car, not a truck. Of course, they could also be expensive and the top of the line was usually even more costly than a convertible. Some were also very stylish, like this '61 New Yorker.......

......note the 4 door hardtop body style  -  no centre post between the front and back doors.

Well, we all know what happened to these wagons, they were replaced by sport utilities in most cases. Funny though, how the wagon has stayed with us over the years, but only in some luxury models like Mercedes, BMW and Volvo. Remember this is North America we are talking about, as the rest of the world is different (or more sensible?). There were also a very few small wagons from companies like Ford (the Focus) and Subaru, but the middle ground was vacant.

Wagons are so practical and these days handle so well, that it's a shame that "station wagon" is bad word. I notice that there are a few more creeping into the product mix like the new Acura TSX (US only) and the Caddy CTS.......

Sport utilities replaced the station wagon and now crossovers are replacing many sport utilities. These gentler sport utilities (ride & handle better, easier on gas), like the Toyota Venza below resemble in some cases the wagons of old, although they are little higher. 

Are we coming to our senses now or is this another passing phase? I'd love to see wagons of cars like the Buick LaCrosse, the Charger (why discontinue the Magnum?), the Accord, Altima.......I could go on and on. Anyway those are my thoughts on the "great station wagon debate".

Another July and another Indy car street race. Haven't been in a few years, but I did like all the accompanying show that came with the actual race. Great showcase for a great city.

Until next time.......

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  1. My dad had a '77 Aspen wagon complete with fake wood paneling. I loved it. It's too bad Chrysler re-used the name on a behemoth of an SUV.

    Nicer than the Magnum was the 500 Touring. My (probably incorrect) understanding is that they put the 500 grill on the Magnum and sold it in Europe. http://goo.gl/u2F6e