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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday: An icon

Is there anyone who doesn't instantly recognize the shape of the VW Beetle, no matter how old or how new?

This is one of the very early models with the split rear window. But the question is how do you redesign an icon? Well, this is what VW thought it should look like........ 
Cute? Cute enough to warrant hanging a flower vase off the dash  -  way too many owners actually used that vase for flowers as opposed to pens and pencils. I always felt that the New Beetle looked far too big, but look how long it has lasted, so a lot of people obviously disagreed with me. I don't know the actual ownership figures, but I would think the majority of owners were female.

So how do you update an icon yet again?

This is VW's answer for 2012. No longer slanted towards females with its aggressive stance, big wheels/tires and chopped roof line. No flower vase on this one, but there is a spot to hang a jock strap. Now how much more masculine can you get? How about this........

It will be interesting to see how the sales of the new New Beetle do. I'm predicting that it will be a big hit, but unfortunately I'm not willing to put any money on it. Thoughts?

Until next time........

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