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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday: Everyday Cars

Remember when a small car meant a basic, no frills, appliance like vehicle? A to B transportation at its most minimalistic. Things we now take for granted were not even considered........power steering or brakes? Not a chance. Power windows  -  you're kidding, right? Air conditioning  -  see previous response.

How things have changed.........take a look at these two examples.........

Ford Fiesta with available leather heated front seats!

2012 Hyundai Accent GLS with power windows and remote keyless entry!

And not only do they have all the trimmings, they also look great, handle quite well and usually have plenty of room. To top it off, they are also much smaller outside than any of the small cars that were available in my youth. How about a "little" Focus that parks itself? Oh, I agree, that if you have to drive a car that parks itself, then maybe you should consider stopping driving. Too much technology!

Isn't it great to have choices? You can drive any size car you want and not have to give up luxuries that you so like. And gas mileage? Way better than anything that was made in the '50's, '60's or '70's.

Oh, I was wrong about size as you could get a tiny "big" car in years past or maybe that should be "tinny"..........

Until next time.........

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