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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday: Cuba Part 2 & 2012 CR-V

Last time I blogged about the cars in Cuba, I showed a few pics that I shot last Christmas. Not too many gems remaining, but there are a few solid looking "classics" that just might not have Lada motors.

This '56 Fairlane 500 taxi looks like it might even attract attention at a Toronto cruise night  -  good paint, no rust and fair rates! Not sure where those wheels come from, but they do look respectable.

Station wagons have a strong following up here as collectors recognize their charm and they are different from the convertibles and two doors. This worn '57 is from Chev's most popular year and it doesn't look so bad. Yeah, some TLC would be a real plus, but it's not a lost junk yard cause. How about putting pontoons on it and floating it across the gulf to Miami?

Now this next vehicle is definitely not from Cuba, this is the just released pic of the 2012 Honda CR-V........

I think it's great looking with some attitude. This is a concept pic, but it's probably 95% of the actual CR-V, maybe the wheels will be different. Should rejuvenate this model.

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