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Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13: Sbarro - a wild and crazy guy!

 Friday the 13th! Just the mention of this date sends nervous chills up and down most people's spines. The date do dreaded that, many of us are glad when the calendar turns to Saturday, the 14th. So, what would be a good car type topic to talk about on a day such as this? How about something kinda of scary, but really just harmless fun? Gotcha, that's what I'll do. So, keeping this in mind, who is that handsome gent looking out of this somewhat strange conveyance? Anyone guess, Franco Sbarro? Probably not, but if you did great job.

Franco Sbarro is a Swiss designer, whose company builds one offs and a few replicars. But, now here is the neat part, Franco thinks way outside the box. When the Geneva or Paris show rolls around, he usually trots out some wild and wildly creative design that, may be as scary as Friday, the 13th. Need proof? Ok, behold......

The top pic is of the Two-For-100 (name relates to its gas mileage) and the bottom one is the Autobau. Both concepts of cars that, wouldn't automatically come to mind when one is thinking about an interesting new ride. And I dare you to try to parallel park the Autobau. 

Not yet convinced of Franco's uniqueness (weirdness)?

How about now? Try to figure this one out. Is the rider installed on his new motorcycle on the assembly line or is there some other interesting way for him to become part of his machine? This is 100% a Friday, the 13th ride. It's a tradition in southern Ontario for bikers of all descriptions (usually 1000's), to show up at Port Dover every Friday, the 13th. Trying to be unique? Then here is your ride, friendo!

No creative designer should leave well enough alone, when it comes to a sport ute.........

This beast is the Windhawk, designed for some middle eastern type to be used for falconry. If they are hunting with falcons, why the gun? I guess this shows how much I know.

Or how about an interesting city car, that would put the smart to shame? How about this Assystem?

Its name is as much a mystery as its design. But outside the box for sure.

Whoa, what the heck has happened to this Golf GTI? I'm not sure either, but it has been followed up recently with the Sparta sport hatchback in the lower pic.

The Sparta is a much more "conventional" car, as I'm sure most of you would agree, but again, like most of Franco Sbarro's designs, it would stand out a mile away for good or for bad.

Now, because I like North American cars, I searched for something that Sbarro has done to one of our domestic cars. Of course, being an equal opportunity designer, I found something from a few years ago (quite a few actually). This '78 Eldorado was commissioned by a wealthy (what else?) businessman to be used as a mobile office.

Want a hint as to who that rich guy was? Ok, the name of this Caddy is the TAG Function. Get it? Anyway, it shows you that even in his early years, Franco Sbarro was way outside that proverbial box.

So, back to Friday, the 13th. Scary date and maybe a scary designer, but definitely fun. Thank goodness there are guys like Franco around to entertain us, when things go awry in our world or when it is Friday, the 13th!

Until next time......


  1. That motorcycle blew me away. I got claustrophobia just looking at that pic. That Windhawk--why do I see more than one poking through the top with an RPG, or at least, an AK-47? And the Caddy, what can I say other than a lesson in overindulgence? I'd like one just like it...

    1. George....that bike is quite the _____, actually, I'm not sure what it is. would scare the heck out of me.