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Friday, March 27, 2015

March 27: The Car Modeling Cat makes a gift

Showing a picture of the new for 2015, totally redone, Mustang is always a good way to get attention and to start a story and this is a good story...........

My lifelong friend has like me, a real interest in cars. We can talk for extended periods just about cars and what the different designers and manufacturers have done right or wrong over the years and what they might be doing in the near future. I always prefer these chats to the brow beating I get for not watching House of Cards (any good cars in it?). Anyway, my friend took a different path in life, had several kids and headed up a large national company. But for this other car guy, one thing always was front and centre, he never really spent much on himself, either as a treat or as a necessity. Although he could afford much more, his personal wheels were usually modest, while mine were usually showier and more expensive. On the other hand, he was generous to a fault with his kids, helping them acquire new(er) cars, or with a mortgage or helping them to live a dream.

Time for another Mustang pic.........

2015 Mustang scale model
Now retired, my friend always talked about getting a "toy" to play with, like a Miata. Never happen, I thought. Well, for whatever reason, that all changed last week. He called me on Thursday to talk about the possibility of buying a new Mustang. Then, surprise, a call on Friday to order said 'Stang.

Upon hearing this, the Car Modeling Cat and I, decided to make him a scale model of his ordered Mustang. You know, for a cat, she has some pretty good ideas (but then, she's a pretty great cat).......

The Car Modeling Cat ponders her next move
So in the space of the last week, we quickly went to work and whipped up a rather good representation of his upcoming ride......a Magnetic Metallic, 6 speed manual, Mustang coupe. Something for Summer fun and so much more versatile than a Miata would be.

Now, in all honesty, our model is not quite identical to his ordered car, in that the kit came with matte black multi-spoke rims, while his will be five spoke, black with aluminum accents (much better looking in my opinion). We tried to replicate the look by painting only the top of the wheel silver, leaving the rest flat black. Not exact, but pretty good and isn't it the thought that counts? Of course, it is!

Now he has this nice little model to tide him over until his real ride arrives in a couple of months.Who are we kidding? No way a 1/25th scale model will ease the anticipation, but what the hey?

His reasoning to finally do something big for himself? Not really sure, but I'm so pleased that, he finally pulled the trigger and decided to treat himself to a very nice, shiny, new toy. He deserves it. One less regret with which to go thru life?

Until next time......


  1. I think that's great! A guy indulging himself after giving up most of his life for the family is a reward well-deserved. I also give kudos to you and your cat for building that model for him; not many friends like that these days.

    I've seen guys go through their entire lives giving everything to their families and not doing anything for themselves. When my uncle graduated from law school in 1934, lawyers were starving to death. His only means of support was to teach school and practice law on the side. However, by the late 30s the law practice began to pay for itself and by the mid-60s was very successful. One day he was at the local Chevrolet dealership and spotted a shiny red Corvette convertible. Yeah, it cost as much as a Cadillac (which he didn't have anyways) but was much more sporty and looked like a lot of fun; something a well-to-do man in his 50s could really enjoy. And he could easily afford it. Of course he had to go home and discuss it with his wife. She promptly nixed the idea and spent the next several hours berating him for even thinking about something so frivolous. He went back to work and the subject of a car was never brought up again. Many years later I heard him talking to my dad and airing his regrets about it. My dad told him that he should've done it anyways, consequences be damned (my aunt ended up in a nursing home battling Alzheimer's and the staff anyways). I've always held that against my aunt; she and the kids were wont for nothing while he had--the family Buick...

    1. Thanks for your comments, George. I think too many people, who have the means, hold back from treating themselves and regret it later on, like your uncle. I've never been like that.