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Friday, March 6, 2015

March 6: Maggini & Son - pride of ownership

Our world is filled with those huge tractor trailer units that clog our highways, as they deliver the lifeblood of our daily lives (poetic, eh?). Sure, some are nicely uniform in colour like Sunbury (all yellow) or a green cab, with a big MIDLAND written across the trailer, but many are just a mix and nothing really stands out. Want something a little different? Something that will stand out from anything else on the road? Something that will make your drivers want to climb up into that cab? Ok, gotcha. Look no further than the Maggini & Son trucking fleet out of Riverdale, California.

Big (of course) and yellow, but dig those green flames, graphics and all that extremely shiny chrome. This is a company that takes pride of ownership to a new level. Pity the poor bug that runs a foul of one of these monsters and splatters itself all over that beautiful paint and chrome.

As you can see, yellow and green are this company's identifiers, but each is unique in design. Who wouldn't want to be seen in one of these big bruisers, as they deliver their goods?

To a long haul trucker, which is closer to their heart, the church or their truck?

Good question, but better throw a little worship His way just in case it's all true. You know the old saying, cleanliness is next to godliness. Even this company's little truck, follows in the foot steps of their big rigs......

Seriously, can you think of a better way to get your drivers to take pride in their equipment? These extravagant paint jobs probably cost nothing, next to the savings in repairing the numerous body bumps and bangs that, a normal rig would get.

Notice something else about Maggini's tractors?

Where are all those ugly wires, chains and tubing that, normally inhabit the area behind the cabs on most of these big trucks? Hidden! Yes sir, Maggini has thought of everything to keep their fleet looking like nothing else on the road.

So next time you are in California and see one of Maggini's truck, please give them two thumbs up and a root-toot of your horn to show that you appreciate the eye candy they provide. Visuals that make your weary journey just a touch more enjoyable.

Three cheers for Maggini & Son!

Until next time........

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  1. How did I miss this post? Being around trucks of all shapes and sizes for most of my life, I've really developed a deep love for the modern day packhorses. I really appreciate those who exude pride in what they drive and spend many hours keeping it shiny yet functional. Lord knows, I've seen plenty of the opposite. Thanks for posting.