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Friday, March 20, 2015

March 20: Enough already!

Yes indeed, blog readers, all that dreaming about freeing ourselves from the shackles of our earth bound existence is about to be a thing of the past. Your dreams will become reality. And I'm not talking about flying high in your imagination, thinking about a night with Jennifer Anniston. Oh no, I'm talking about walking out to your car in the morning, starting it up and hitting the skyways, on the way to wherever your heart desires.

That intrepid Slovakian company AeroMobil, has been grinding away at this problem since 1989 and after many concept vehicles, they have unveiled, what they say will be the new reality as of about 2017. Only two years from now, parked in our driveway will be (or could be) a spanking new AeroMobil 3.0.........

Sure, it's a little shy of interior room, but who says you need to take the entire family for a sky jaunt to the local convenience store? Besides, this is early in the game, lots of time to work on adding a van model or even an suv (but if it flies, who needs a sport ute anyway?). Cruise at up to 124 mph in the skies or at a more leisurely 99 mph on the road. Can't you just see it?

But let's step back a minute........whose dream is this anyway? Like me, do you find it frustrating enough to watch out for all those other sky pilots driving our roads? Are you wondering, when driving a two, four or even six lane highway, from what direction the next surprise is going to come? Can you imagine what it would be like, if you had to look above and below you, as well as from side to side, front to back? Yikes, those flying dreams are becoming nightmares. Enough already!

But these high flying car ideas go back years and years.......

........even to the point of each of us having our own personal family sized flying saucer. Why the heck not? Surely all those UV rays can't hurt us? But seriously, doesn't the flying car idea belong back in the 1950's, when our ideas of the future were a tad warped and included all sorts of fantastical machines?

But why does anyone think that flying cars are such a great idea? Surely the creators realize that, professional air traffic controllers are stressed out enough, minding the skies around our major airports, without having to worry about the lower flying hundreds or thousands of carplanes zipping around town. Scary stuff!

Did the inventor think that, if you were stuck in traffic, you could simply pull over, attach your wings, wait for a break in traffic and then take off? Oops, didn't you see that flying semi coming up from behind? Oh well, better hope that they have a flying hearse for your funeral.

Enough already! Let's leave the idea of a flying car way in the past, where it belongs........

.........and let's have all that creativity work on something that, would be really useful, an idea that holds water, so to speak.......

You're welcome and please send all those hefty residual cheques to my attention, please.

Until next time.........

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