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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18: Motorama Dreams

Yes, sir, all these folks had Motorama Dreams. What's that, you ask? Obviously you do not live in Toronto and are not a car "person". For years, one of my rites of Spring would be the Performance World custom car and hot rod show held each March near the airport. Then it got tired and slowly slid into oblivion, only to be rescued in principle, if not in name, and resurrected as this year's Motorama Custom Car & Motorsports Expo. Long name for what was a much better car show than had been held in the recent past. Let's take a brief overview of this new show........

I've always loved the 1960 Ford/Meteor, so to see this 60's style custom (with those very current huge rims) parked in the entrance way to the show was a very good sign of things to come.

Any good custom/hot rod show worth going to, will have a Willy's street rod. This model car has graced drag strips forever. It looks great and was slightly smaller than its compatriots from Ford and Chevy. They all seem to be black, but that didn't take away from this very well done piece.

The bottom car is rather unusual, in that it is done in an understated platinum shade that positively glowed under the show's lights. This would be a stand out anywhere. Subtle beauty.

This year, being Jeff Gordon's last before he retires from full time racing, one has to expect that there will be a tribute to him at every show across North America. No exception here in Toronto.......

.......as his #24 show car was the first thing one saw entering building two. No matter what one thinks of Jeff, he was a great racer. But let's get back to the real reasons I went  to Motorama with my friend........

This classic Mercury's colour scheme was sure not my style, but it was so unique and unusually painted that, it had to make it into my blog. Kinda a '70's vibe with its creator being undecided about what theme, with which they should overlay that glorious pearl paint. When in doubt try a little bit of everything?

Sure it's a Mustang, no question about it, but what Mustang? My guess is that it was an early '70's fastback recreated to look like the current car. Again, not my style, but extremely creative and the kind of full custom that folks love to see at these shows.

Motorama and Motorsports Expo, so it made sense to see local race cars. Here is a new addition to our drag racing scene. Rocketbilly's Pyro jet truck has been bought by a local drag race veteran and will be touring Canada in 2015. These jet trucks are ridiculous, but they put on a great show, all sound and fury, or as George Bush would say, "shock & awe" (but in a good way).

Want something contemporary, but with a very nostalgic look? Ok, then this 1969 Camaro stretched over a recent Corvette chassis and drive train should work for you........

Old looks updated and it's reliable, too. Not a bad combo, though I don't think anyone is driving this one in the rain. Once again, this is the kind of car one likes to see at these shows - a real show car.

Not sure if this '49 Ford was a work in progress or not. I don't like matte finishes, but it was a great way to highlight the terrific body work done on this custom. No way to hide any mistakes. That top was beautifully integrated into the old car's body, with not a bad line. Well done!

The very well known Tucci Brothers, from New York state, brought their '41 Cadillac custom to Motorama. These guys have appeared in many magazines and on numerous TV shows with their meticulous customs, as well as competing for the famous Ridler award, a feat in itself (Google it, please).

Like nostalgia drag cars?

......then this Comet dragster from the 60's should work for you. Right out of a time warp.

Speaking of a time warp.........one thing I noticed was the overwhelming number of grey hairs taking in this show. So is it all about nostalgia? Are the young folks not tuning in and turning out? Good question, but some of those at the show have certainly seen much better days.........

Until next time.......

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