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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 24: Volvo and other cars we are missing

North America is one of the world's biggest car markets. In fact, the United States used to be the very biggest, until it was bypassed by that behemoth of a country China - hard to compete with a few billion people with a bit of money to spend. One might think that, in this market we get each and every manufacturer's best. Well, we do get a lot of product, but maybe we could use a little more?

Take for example, the struggling Volvo brand.....

Have they missed the boat by not bringing their entry level sedan, the 40 series, back to our shores?Remember, there used to be an S40 and a V40, which kind of went nowhere? They were replaced internationally by this attractive hatch. Might this not be the time to give this car another chance, since all the other luxury brands are introducing an entry level model? Just a thought, Volvo.

Kia doesn't have any issues struggling for their place in the market, but wouldn't a hot little hatch, be a good addition? Something like, or exactly like, the Pro Cee'd GT that they sell elsewhere. Yeah, I know, say that name fast. What is with those cute names from the other side of the Pacific?

2015 Kia Pro Cee'd GT
You want to talk about a company struggling for sales in Canada and the US? Well, look no further than poor old Mitsubishi. They just can't seem to get their act together. Sure, they have a long warranty, but generally dismal products in our market. Want to add a little spice? How about this strange, but oh so cute EK Space Custom (again with those names)?

Sure, it wouldn't save the company, but it would bring people into their showrooms, just like it did for Scion (for awhile at least), with their strange, but cute little mini mini van.Just picture the EK with 20" chromies.

Toyota has been keeping this little people mover on the other side of the Pacific.......

Hey, how about us? Similar in size to the Mazda5, but with a much more interesting design. Surely with Toyota's vast line up, a space could be found for their Hexa Space (that name?). I don't think that sales would be a problem.

Want to see the next Hyundai Accent?

My guess it will be this I20, which is being sold everywhere else, but not in the US or Canada. The current one is good looking, but this new I20 is better.

So let's finish today's blog with a concept that, I believe has a 100% chance at production. This red wagon is the Kia Space Concept shown recently at the Geneva show.......

Not a bad line on this beauty. Should you line up at your local Kia dealership with cash in hand, ready for its US and Canadian intro? In my opinion, not a chance. To our consumers, this is a station wagon and that is the kiss of death for a car in our market. Maybe Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, VW and Audi can move a very few wagons, but place them in anyone else's line up and watch them become covered with dust. Too bad, since we also miss out on the Mazda6 wagon.

So you like these cars that we don't get, but don't want to move to Europe or the Orient? Well, that's just too bad. Console yourself with the realization that, from time to time, I'll tease you with vehicles found elsewhere, but never around here. Better than not knowing, right?

Until next time......


  1. Whenever someone comes up to me and wants to show me the latest from across the pond, I tend to be less enthusiastic than maybe I should be. Problem is: I'm completely satisfied by what our domestic manufacturers build here. I have owned (2) Japanese vehicles and one British car. One of the Japanese units was OK and the other was, to this day, the worst piece of junk I've ever owned, driven, or ridden in. My British car (a '67 MGB) was more of a whim which I had a lot of summer fun in but didn't miss it one bit when the fall winds took over and I agreed to sell it. In short, the offerings from Ford, GM and Chrysler have me completely satisfied. While the offerings from across the pond may look OK, I'd really have to be in a bad state to actually BUY another one of them.

    1. George, like you I've only had one non domestic, an '09 Acura TL, which was surprisingly not a very good car quality wise. I really like American iron, but I still appreciate what we often miss out on.