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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Jan 12: Mine is bigger than yours!

Remember those days way back when? Those days when the toughest thing about a truck, was the cowboy standing next to it. Wasn't that long ago, when the truck manufacturers were trying to sell a few more trucks, by convincing people that their truck was more car-like than the other guy's, complete with whitewall tires. But things sure have changed these past few years. Based on what was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit yesterday, don't expect another change anytime soon.

Nissan showed a tough looking concept version of their recently introduced, brand new Titan truck........


..... called the Warrior Concept, this one is definitely in your face, baby. Maybe this model can serve as a halo for the rest of the line and finally get those Titan sales moving upward. I believe last year, the Titan sold in total, a little less than Ford sold of their F-150's in a week! Think about that stat for a minute. One tough truck? You bet.

But Ford has already been there with their off road capable, hot rodded, Raptor.........

Even in white, this 2017 Raptor exudes tough sex appeal. And it has enough room, so that you can impress your buds with the Raptor's prowess. Scare those soft neighbourhood Honda and Toyota drivers. This is a far cry from the old days, when the only off roading your truck might do, would be to pick up a few chickens.........

......like they show in this South American Chevrolet ad. Again, note the cowboy.

What is Chevy bringing to the table of tough trucks? How about their concept, the Special Ops?

And for our gun toting neighbours to the south, a few high calibre special options would be appreciated. Tough enough? Pick chickens up in this beast and they'd die of fright before they got to their final destination (final reward?).

Not to be left out, Ram (formerly Dodge), has their Black truck.......

All blacked out, of course, hence the name and riding those big meaty tires. Drive your kids to school in this Hemi powered rig and those bullies will never touch them again.

All of these are so far removed from this old Ford F-150 ad.........

This is a "nice" pick-up, not a tough "truck", like these others. No knobby tires, high lift suspension or in your face front ends on the trucks of yesteryear. No, today's tough trucks sing from a different song book. Hard rock instead of Frank Sinatra?

So, who will be next to show up with their version of the "tough" truck? Good question, but the answer of which might surprise you. Honda? 

Their new 2017 Ridgeline, now becomes a real pick-up (at least in looks, not in specs). So can we expect Honda to introduce a Kamikaze version in the near future? Probably not. But why not a jacked up version to appeal to the tougher folks in your 'hood? Could happen.

Tough trucks? Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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  1. I often wonder who is going to be out on top in trucks from one year to the next. The domestic makes have definitely got the edge because they've been the race a lot longer than those across the Pacific. I don't call the Honda version a real truck because it's a Unibody constructed front wheel drive dominant, rear wheel assist with the engine turned the wrong direction. If Honda wants to sell more trucks then it's got to start building real trucks. As far as the rest of the battle zone goes, Toyota and Nissan both build good trucks but if you're going out to buy a new truck, where are you more likely to go? IHC built good competitive trucks back in the day but lost out on the market share because the buying public was more likely to buy a truck at the same place it bought its car. Myself, I admit that I'm a domestic consumer. I had one import 45 years ago and to this day it is the most loathed and despised piece of junk I ever owned. Couldn't get the motor to stop detonating and couldn't get heat into the cab unless it was around freezing or better. Twenty below and all you could get was a couple of six inch peek holes in the windshield. The imports have come a long way but I doubt if they'll get more than a cursory glance from my crowd...

  2. George, good to hear from you. I agree that the Honda is a unique piece and is not meant to compete with the "real" trucks. No one comes close to our home grown models and amongst them, no one comes close to the Ford. Toyota makes a great truck, but the sales are abysmal compared to the domestics. By the way, things have changed in the past 45 years!