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Friday, January 8, 2016

Jan 8: Royale 600?

I've written about this car before, the beautiful and imposing Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman limousine. Every monarch, dictator, oligarch, superstar or pope had one of these cars at sometime in their career. Not at all unusual to still see them at official functions, usually in Africa. Pretty impressive for a car that, was introduced over fifty years ago,1963 to be exact. It came in two lengths, the short one above and a longer stretch model. There is a restored short version in my neighbourhood and it stands apart beautifully on any street. Mercedes has tried many times to add a new version to their line up, but none has had the kind of impact that the original made.

Recently a mystery 600 has surfaced, called the Royale 600. I say "mystery", since there seems to be no info on who built it or why. Surfacing in car crazy California just before Christmas, this coach built car is a stunner and if produced in volume, could achieve the same cache' of the original (in my somewhat humble opinion). And even though it has a few design cues from other Benz, it comes together beautifully.

What do you think?

Of course, although the front end harkens back to earlier days, Mercedes corporate would be unlikely to go this retro.

But really, the way it has been made more modern looking, with subtle changes in the design is quite impressive. Another feature, picked up from an unlikely source, are the headlights........

...........which appear to come from the recent SLS sportscar, although on the Royale 600 they are trimmed in chrome. And of course, the chrome rims duplicate the classic simplicity of the original 600's.

A third design cue, which is hard to see in the 600's pic, are the front fender side vents, which again come from another unlikely source, the SLR supercar..........

Usually this would create a mishmash of unusual and perhaps, unnecessary elements, but not in this case.

Taken as a whole, this is one gorgeous design. But why does it exist and who had it coach built for their riding pleasure? Some eastern potentate? A Russian oligarch? Donald Trump? Whoever had it built, obviously spent mega dollars on this car, but while sparing no expense, they also didn't spare good taste. Typically cars like this are over the top and the end result is not exactly harmonious, but not with this Royale 600.

So I'll have the leave the who and the why until further info comes to light, but for now, just enjoy this design and the mystery.

Until next time.....

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