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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Jan 26: This is a Honda?

This is a Honda? Well, no it isn't, it's a Murano.

But anyone who follows the new cars, knows that Nissan and Lexus have the latest "out there" designs. No more the boring box that everyone else seems to design. This Nissan Murano stands out, whether you like it or not. I like it.

The other day, me, your intrepid car guy was looking at the rear three quarter view of a new sport ute and you know what? I couldn't identify it. After several puzzling minutes, I came to the conclusion that it was the new Honda Pilot.........

Had I been closer, of course, I would have checked out the name or the emblem. The point being, so many of these things, cars or suvs look the same. But compare this new Pilot to the Murano above it. No question that the Murano is what it is and you'll never mistake it for anything else. The Pilot not so much.

Now, if you go back to my April 24th blog of 2015, I show a concept Honda from the Shanghai Auto Show. My prediction was that, soon you would see this vehicle being introduced as a production model and sold somewhere, probably China. Surprise! Honda announced the other day, that their Concept D would indeed be produced for the Chinese market. Get a load of this wild child.........

 From Honda? What a shock. Is one of the Nissan or Lexus designers moonlighting? This Concept D looks like nothing else from conservative Honda, but give them their due, they are going to make it. For China, at least.

Here's a tissue, wipe those teary eyes.

Why not send this suv thing to North America. The crossover, four door coupe market, seems to be blossoming, so wouldn't this fit into Honda's line up? Sure, it might make the other stuff in the showroom look old, but your designers can change that over time. Maybe Honda was so burned by the abominable Crosstour that, for our market at least, they'll take baby steps.

First baby step, might be this new Civic........

 It sure breaks the relatively boring Civic mold from years past. So maybe there is hope for Honda yet? My opinion (you were waiting for this, weren't you)? I believe that this Concept D, or whatever they will eventually call it, will end up on our shores, maybe as an Acura, a line which really needs help, or as the Honda that, it is everywhere else.


Until next time.......

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