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Friday, January 29, 2016

Jan 26: Big snow storm? Try the Antarctic Snow Cruiser

Big snow storm like what hit the eastern US last weekend? What are you going to drive? What would be your ideal ride? You should know that, those all wheel drive cars and crossovers won't really help, when you are faced with mountains of snow. Even a big 4x4 might not be up the challenge of three plus feet of snow and drifts that tower over you. You are probably longing for a Nissan Rogue Warrior, since nothing would stop those big tracks. Well, Nissan isn't planning to make more than this one, besides, it's not quite what I had in mind. No, I had something really gargantuan in my mind. I want something like what is lurking behind the intrepid adventurer in the pic below.........

Take a closer look. Big enough, whatever it is? Ok, so let's put it into perspective..........

Got a better idea of the sheer monstrous size of this beast? It has a name........this is the Antartic Snow Cruiser. What and where can you get one? You can't, but here's the story behind this big boy. It was built in 1939 for Admiral Byrd's expedition to the South Pole. Big enough to conquer the Antarctic and make easy work of all the mountains of snow you would find down there. Right? We'll see.

Amazing stats for the Snow Cruiser........37 tons (162,800 kilos), 9463 litres of fuel for 5000 miles or 8000 kms (what's a fill up cost?) and room for a crew of four (should be close friends). Can anyone foresee a problem? How about getting it from the factory in Ohio to the wharf in Boston? Seems it got side swiped by a truck in Ohio with this result.........

......it careened off the road into a ditch. Now, just think about that for a moment. Didn't the truck see it? And how could something this big careen anywhere? Well, it did and it took three days to extricate it from the mud in the ditch. Bodes well for its mission in the Antarctic, doesn't it?

Finally in Boston, another problem is just how to get and keep it on a ship? Great minds obviously came up with a solution (pic courtesy of the Boston Public Library)........

Note that the back end had to be removed, to be re-attached once they reached their final destination. I suppose they could have used a bigger boat. But I digress.

This brute was equipped for all eventualities........

.......and would even take a small plane along for the ride. Great idea. Note those huge tires. Hard to see in this pic, but you might notice an important omission.

A gold star to anyone who said, "The tires have no tread!". Good eye, Sherlock. That is exactly right. Those huge balloon tires didn't have any tread, so maybe in theory they would cruise over the Antarctic ice and snow, oblivious to their environment. In reality, it slipped and slid and generally floundered. So much for your $300,000 in 1939 dollars.

Admiral Byrd left the Antarctic and his Snow Cruiser. Located in snow and ice again in 1958, it has since disappeared under the snow and the shifting ice shelf. Feeling lucky? Just won the Powerball and thinking of ways to fritter away your fortune? How about a new Antarctic expedition to find this beast? I think you'd agree, it would be well preserved. What to drive? Play it safe and get Nissan to make you another Rogue Warrior. Costs less and it's guaranteed to actually work.

Until next time........

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