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Friday, January 15, 2016

Jan 15: The P5 - this was at Detroit?

This was at the North American International Auto Show?

Well, yes it was. The press conference, Elio Motors owner held to talk about this revolutionary new car(?), drew huge numbers of the press. Ok, this is an exaggeration, as I believe there were a couple of dozen, semi interested scribes listening to his spiel.  Almost embarrassing, when all the other new introductions had hundreds or thousands of journalists in attendance. What is this thing?

This is Elio Motors, "new" P5. New is a relative term here, since it was first shown a few years back, with 2016 being given as its in production date. So what exactly is the P5? Technically it's a motorcycle, but some hard lobbying has exempted any P5 owners from having to wear a helmet. That would have seemed just plain strange.

Compact and ready to race to its 160 KPH speed, or 100 MPH for my American readers, this little car or whatever, will reportedly get just over 80 miles per US gallon (sorry, but I can't do the kms/litre conversion) on the highway or about 50 in the city. Top speed is a "who cares" number here, since anyone one heading down the 401 in a P5 at full song, needs their head to be seriously examined.

The P5 seems like a happy little number, but like most new car companies (Tesla excepted), Elio Motors is seriously underfunded, so production in Louisiana this year, may be a dream not reality. But, as always, hope springs eternal. How hopeful? About forty eight thousand deposits to date.

Cheap? Well, not really expensive at a proposed $6800. Load up you, one of your close friends and hit the road for all the good times the P5 promises. Room for a couple of very small overnight bags or one set of golf clubs (providing you are travelling alone).

Just the right set of wheels for those lonely, but very thrifty folks. But maybe, if this lady's reaction is anything to go by, a P5 driver won't be lonely for long.

You'll no doubt hear more about the unusual P5. More than likely that, Elio couldn't get the capital needed to crank up that production line down south. Nothing wrong with dreamers, this world needs them, but how often does that dream turn out to be a nightmare?

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