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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jan 21: A wild cat or a Wildcat?

A wild cat? Not really, although our beloved little Car Modeling Cat (CMC) can be quite frisky, when she runs amuk thru our new condo. Or, when she play fights with me or her bigger feline companion. But when it is time to settle down at the car modeling table, she becomes an entirely different animal. Concentrating at the task at hand, she is always ready to get involved in whatever way is necessary.

So today, the not so wild cat, is helping with a real Wildcat..........

Wildcat is/was a famous Buick name that, originated way back in the early '50's and was put on the Wildcat I dream car. This car toured the country in the famous GM Motorama, showing off the General's latest cars and greatest new dream cars (these days concept cars).

Another time, another place. Seeing the benefit of the Wildcat name, it was put on a personal luxury coupe in 1962, which eventually became a whole line of midpriced "sporty" Buicks (remember the times, folks). This brings us to the model the CMC and I have just finished.........


Our Wildcat is a 1970 two door hardtop. Sporty was a relative word, when one was talking about a big highway cruiser like this Buick. But for its time, it supposedly exuded sex appeal and said that the driver was a happening kind of person. Remember, no Japanese competition at this time and very little was coming from the Continent.

Whether it was a sportster or not, this Wildcat was quite attractive, again, in the context of its day. Looking at our model below, along with a real Buick, it brings to mind the old ad slogan, "Is it real or is it Memorex?".

Another good way for the dear little CMC and me to spend quality time together. A wild cat building a Wildcat.

Until next time........

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