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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Jan 5: A Chevy and a cat

Happy New Year!

These days Lexus and Nissan are coming up with some pretty polarizing designs..........

.........which could be taken directly from an origami sculpture, all creases and sharp lines. Love it or hate it (I like it), it's good to see the designers show some guts and take some chances. Although unusual these days, once upon a time it was the norm. Take for example this Chevy from way back in 1959.......

Get a load of those bat wings. Back in those days almost anything went, as far as a design was concerned. There were also fewer cars, so the companies found it easier to take chances. Speaking of this polarizing design for its time, while on the Christmas break, the Car Modelling Cat (CMC) and I did our own version of this wild child of a car...........


Nothing says 1959 like the wild wings of this Chev Impala convertible. And in case you wondered about its appeal back in the day, Ford surpassed Chevrolet's yearly sales for only the second time in about twenty five years. Those sales said it all.

And that unsual back end added to this Impala's unusual front end. Either way and for better or worse, the neighbours knew you had a new Chevrolet when you drove up.

The CMC and I worked tirelessly to replicate each piece of chrome moulding as it is found on the real car. Not an easy job for an animal........

......but as always, she puts her best paw forward to get the job done. What a trouper!

Once back from down south, I had about 10 days to practice retirement and as much as I enjoy the break (reading, making models), I also like getting back to work (helps when one loves what they do). Another year. New challenges. What will be unveiled at the upcoming shows? More of the same or will others, like Lexus and Nissan, be more daring in their designs? Stay tuned, as always.

Until next time......

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