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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Beauties

Last week, I wrote about what I felt were ill conceived designs and a good friend took exception with one of my choices. Can't believe it, since I always felt that he had pretty good taste! It just goes to show us that beauty (or ugly) is in the eye of the beholder  -  except everyone thinks my wife is great looking! Today I thought I'd put together a few designs from over the years that I particularly like.

#1  -  the Ferrari Lusso (I have a model of one in my office)  -  has to be one of the prettiest (the right word?) Ferraris ever made. The one above was Steve McQueen's and is shown driven by his son, Chad. I always like Steve as an actor, but his taste in cars was legendary. Not so sure about his choice of brown, though.

#2  -  Mercedes Benz SL  -  the current one is nice, but I preferred its non-gimicky forerunner (simpler front end and side treatments). This car has been around for several years, but it never fails to get my attention when one passes. I'd take any designation, but a "55" on its rump would be best.

#3  -  1963-1967 Corvette  -  how can you not include this beauty on anyone's list of great looking cars. The '63 split rear window version is the most valued, but I prefer the '64 thru '67's (personal preference). Like the Ferrari, this is decades old, but has aged really well and still turns heads and empties wallets.

#4  -  Audi A5  -  this current car is just plain great looking and like the others will have me turning my head whenever one goes by. One of my clients is getting his next week and I know, I'll have a tinge of envy when he drives off. I like power, so make mine an S5. I bet that years from now, the A5 will still be a great design. 

#5  -  something a little different.......the mid nineties Camaro. I had a silver/black 1995 Z28 with 6 speed  -  what a rocket for its time. Sleak like an arrow. Haven't seen this on anyone's list, but who cares, this is my blog. Often used as a police pursuit vehicle, so I thought it was appropriate to show one used by the mounties  -  try to outrun this speedster.

Any thoughts on what you think looks good?

Until next time...........

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  1. I remember those Camaros. Could't outrun one in my Tercel, no matter how hard I pedalled.

    Not many cars from the 90s were works of art. The Nissan Skyline GT-R was pretty cool looking, tho.

    For vintage, I like the E-type Jags. I'd almost say D-type, but they're a bit too Batmobile-y for me.

    For something modern, I actually like the straight lines in the Acura TSX wagon.