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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday: Alive & Well

The Pontiac Aztec is alive and well.........you remember that ghastly looking van? suv? or ? from the late ninties? Of course, it's long gone, but like a very bad dream, not forgotten at least by some car designers. How about the BMW GT........

Baeuty is in the eye of the beholder, but you'd have to look very long and hard to find much good looking about this lump. Seen any on the road? Neither have I. Compare it to the new Audi A7  -  now there is a gem.

Speaking of BMW........

May I present to you the X6. Where do they get their ideas  -  looking down a toilet? But let's not just pick on BMW, how about this next beauty (see top pic).....

This is the new Murano suv convertible, an answer to the question that absolutely nobody asked. It's certainly an eye full  -  not a good suv or a good convertible or sports car or ? I believe Nissan Canada has shown some good sense and won't be selling it here (at least initially).

Next.........this interesting looking slow seller is the Acura ZDX. Another underwhelming design that rivals the X6 for the Miss Congeniality award. Honda was so taken with this idea that they brought out there own ugly version, the Accord Crosstour. Look for them languishing on dealers' lots everywhere.

Great golf this weekend at the Players........good to see all those pros put their balls in the water (it gives me hope). The car modelling cat and I spent very little time on the Charger state police car this weekend, since I was feeling ill and didn't have my heart in it.

Until next time.....

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