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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday - Another taxi story

What's with another taxi story? If you've been to New York City, the one thing that stands out (of course, many things stand out) is the hundreds (thousands?) of yellow taxis........

Almost all are the big Crown Victorias  -  some regular and some extended a bit. A guy like me with really long legs needs his room, so I always look for the extended wheelbase model (about 6" longer). We never see these in Canada, although I believe they were available from Ford. Well, the Crown Vic days are coming to an end as this model is being discontinued  -  it's based on a platform that has been around since 1979!!!
Do you think it might have paid for itself by now?

The future.........

This is going to be the new New York taxi by Nissan. They have a 10 year contract to supply the Big Apple's yellow fleet. Look at its size, plenty big inside, much smaller outside  -  is this the answer to their traffic jams, shorter and narrower taxis? How would Travis Bickle look in one of these?

I think this is a smart move, since this Nissan will be easier to get in and out of, has more luggage space and will have computer hook ups. This choice has generated some asinine comments,  "I've never ridden in a mini van and don't intend to now"  -  ok, so use the subway. Who cares what we get picked up in, as long as it gets us to our destination on time?

Great ending to the NASCAR race at Darlington on Saturday night.........Ragan Smith from upstate NY won (1st time), but the real story was the pit road confrontation between Harvick and Kyle. Happy Harvick gets out of his car to hit Busch, so Kyle nudges Happy's car into the wall as he drives off. Lucky no one was hurt. NASCAR's "have at it boys" policy is producing some interesting "disagreement" resolutions.

Vettel wins yet again in F1, but there were a bunch of great passes behind the leader. Entertaining race.

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  1. I can't really tell how big the Nissan is, but it kinda looks like the Ford Transit. Probably bigger, tho.

    I imagine it comes in a Hybrid flavour for city driving?