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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday: Racing Thoughts

Indy 500..........GO TAG GO! Well that was unfortunately a lost effort as Tagliani hit the wall along with Paul Tracy and James Hinchcliffe. The latter in his 1st 500 showed pretty well for awhile running in the top 10, but hitting the wall usually impedes all forward motion. The real heartbreaker though, was JR Hildebrand, a rookie, hitting the 4th turn wall on the very last when he had the race sewn up. The winner was also a surprise  -  Dan Wheldon had won before, but this year he only had one ride, the Indy 500. What a way to make up for a season without a full time ride!

Coca Cola 600.........I'm a real Dale Jr. fan, so you can imagine my disappointment when he runs out of gas with only a part of a lap to go. I could say it's just not fair, but his Dad lost the Daytona 500 many times with so many close finishes. Is it not fair or just racing? The winner Kevin Harvick replaced Dale Sr. in 2001 and as such has been one of my favorites since then. He can be quite entertaining (fight anyone?).

Now to my "worst moment" of the weekend..........good race at Monaco until there was a reg flag with about 1/2 dozen laps remaining. Ok, the cars stop, but what's this? Tires are changed, a wing is changed, a front clip is changed and god knows what else!! Is F1 the ONLY series in the entire world that allows this to happen under a red flag? The three car finish was going to be great, but under the red flag, Vettel took new tires and ruined an exciting ending. F1 or Fstupid?

If you follow car racing and read the odd column, you'll find some very frustrated folks about this bush league ending.

Until next time.........

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