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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday - Rome Taxi

This time last year, my wife and I were holidaying in Rome. If you travel, Itlay is a must see. Well as we were wondering around Rome, I saw the strangest looking taxi  -  like a Lamborghini but not a Lambo. It bore the markings of a typical Roman taxi. I saw it quickly and after a time wondered if I had been seeing things, apparently not.......
This was a concept car done by Italdesign Guigialo for the 2008 Geneva Auto Show. It is the Quaranta and unlike many concepts, it is fully driveable. Thank goodness for the internet or else I would never have been find out what I'd seen. Check out http://www.conceptcarreview.com/ for more details. 
When you are a carguy, travelling to Europe is a blast since there are many cars over there that we'll never see over here. In many cases this is a real shame and in many cases we can be thankful. The crazy little one or two person "bubbles" that you see all thru Italy are laughable (and make a Smart car seem quite large), but very entertaining as they scoot around Rome. I'll try to dig up some pics.

Kyle Busch wins! Dam.

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  1. I almost got beat up in England when I took a picture of a car. I had to explain that we didn't get that particular model of Honda in North America.

    One of my favoruites (not the car mentioned above) was a purple Honda Accord (Acura TSX) diesel wagon. So cool, and so jealous.

  2. I look at the Gallardo model on the shelf above my desk and it looks remarkably similar. Somehow I don't see this cab picking up a family with luggage from the airport.